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Over 20 years ago, a company began the start of building, repairing, customizing, restoring trailers, and installing truck beds. Now that start has become known as Conder’s Trailer Sales, and this company is providing only the best trailers in the Kentucky area. Excelling in customer service and satisfaction, along with our top quality trailers, Conder's works constantly to provide buyers with the very best at an affordable, comfortable price. Working alongside the biggest names in the trailer industry, our company is affiliated with Big Tex Trailers, CM Truck Beds, Aluma, Liberty Trailers, Load Trail, Dexter Parts, and outshines others in superiority.

At Conder's, we are “old school and new technology”, we tackle the jobs that others won’t attempt. Our company believes that the sales department sells the customer the trailer first, and then the service department sells them the rest. That’s why we don’t stop after providing you with a top-of-the-line trailer or truck bed, we give you the service it may need from time to time as well. When you shop with us, you will find that our company keeps your best trailering interests in mind and wants to continue our relationship with you for years to come.